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Danuta Rothschild
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Instagram: @danuta_rothschild

Artist Statement
While I am creating my art I step into a space that allows me to connect to the Universe; to tap into the unknown. My intention is that the viewer will not only see carefully chosen colors, images, shadow and light, but will step with me into the magic of the moment, that they will feel the excitement of unplanned surprises that show up on the canvas. The excitement that fulfills me when I am creating. 


Danuta is an internationally known, respected and award-winning artist. She is a native of Poland who has lived in the United States for many years. Recently, she moved from Los Angeles to Stuart, Florida to be closer to family.

Danuta's works have been shown in prestigious museums in Poland, France, Bosnia and the United States where she participated in numerous shows in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Santa Barbara and Laguna Beach. Having appeared in TV shows in Poland, France and the United States and being interviewed and published in leading California publications and newspapers, she has become an established artist in the art world.

Her work has been acquired by many celebrities, politicians and collectors throughout the world. Danuta's move to the Treasure Coast has indeed raised the bar in the art community.

The scope of her work is widely diverse and provocative. Her works often weave a historical tapestry including her own take on the masters.

An artist of considerable breath and stature, Danuta created several series of paintings covering a wide variety of subjects. In her "Art About Art" series, she portrays her favorite painters - Cezanne, Picasso, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Modigliani - combining portraits with elements of their well-known works. Half homage, half subtle mischief, these whimsical paintings are perhaps more revealing of Danuta herself than the masters she reveres.

Her art actually provides a lot of social commentary, and very relevant issues both spiritual and profound. It is rare to see the intensity of emotion, scope of subject matter and true understanding of the human psyche and spirit as she sees it.

Rothschild can take soul-wrenching subject matter and make it palatable and magical while allowing us to ask the pertinent questions that take us to go deeper within ourselves revealing new understandings.


DeClare Fine Art is so proud to offer these art pieces from Danuta Rothchild to anyone that wants to purchase them. If you find something that you must have please contact us to discuss pricing and delivery options.

Bye-bye Birde by Danuta Rothschild
Country of Origin: USA
Limited edition of 30.
Fine Art Print of the original painting.
Available Print Sizes: 24x36($350.00 and 40x60($475.00)

Art Description
Bye-bye Birde depicts Rothschild's unique perspective on the fleeting innocence of childhood in a changing world.
Price of the original painting is available upon request.
Certificate of Authenticity is included.