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Lucia Schautz

Lucia Schautz

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Lucia Schautz

Lucia Schautz

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Instagram: @luciaschautz

Our only limit is our mind. Everything is possible and love is the only thing that matters;) Love yourself, your work, others and the world.

My vision is a world in which everyone lives his creative potential and thus brings meaning and value to the world. In my vision, new growth arises every second because the inside and outside of physical and mental state are in a constant and creative dialogue. Everyone feels able to express their feelings and thoughts, so truthfulness is the breeding ground for life. This means that everyone has the chance to find their place in this world and to develop there safely and enrichingly. This creates new, beautiful and meaningful things.

Story, Inspiration, Work
I've been painting since I can think. My father is an artist (litographer) and we grew up on an old farm in southern Germany, which my father turned into an artist's house. I watched him at work and often painted with him. And I was very fascinated when we painted a picture together on the lithographic stone. I also made a lot of music and took acting classes. But then I concentrated entirely on painting - because for me painting can convey everything - expression - emotion - and content.

I was a very sensitive child and suffered a lot when people quarreled or when I didn't understand anyone. Then I started asking about all the causes of suffering. To this day, I want to understand all interpersonal involvement. Fortunately, I found the art that helps me to find my way back to myself again and again. That is exactly what is beautiful about the
artistic process. It's always a kind of cleaning and personal processing or growth.

Beauty and destruction are very close together in my work. My theme is that of identity, you can see that in my pictures, there are always many levels that come together. Although the faces are always beautiful, sometimes they are somewhat destructive or lost. Perhaps this is related to my burning trauma as a child, I almost died at the time and no longer knew who I was. I don't really know. That's how I always crawled into art. I learned from other artists how to deal with pain and emotions. But also brought beauty to life through their art and through their philosophical way of thinking and

Through my father I also got to know artists who inspired me, and I was always interested in expressionists, everything that has to do with expression and color. Although I learned a lot of art history from my father, I was never really interested in an intellectual vision of art. For me, art always had the function of expressing feelings. I spent hours studying and repainting Kirchner and Macke's works. I later discovered that abstract expressionism was fascinating to express emotions more clearly - it wasn't until much later that I became interested in pop art - artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Warhol - and that was all, and I really developed my style between expressionism and pop Art.

Today I mainly work in Berlin. I also work in Stuttgart, where I studied at the art academy. I am  currently working in the Künstlerhaus in Stuttgart. There is a professional screen printing studio where I can make large screens.


DeClare Fine Art is so proud to offer these art pieces from Lucia Schautz to anyone that wants to purchase them. If you find something that you must have please contact us to discuss pricing and delivery options.

Hope by Lucia Schautz
Country of Origin: Germany
Limited edition of 50.
Canvas Print of the original painting.
Available Print Sizes: 24x36($350.00 and 40x60($475.00)

Art Description
Charded Hope splashed with bursting colours.
Price of the original painting is available upon request.
Certificate of Authenticity is included.