Born in Honduras in 1986, LUIS FONSECA rises as the young soul of Honduran art that has come to quake the world of painting merging it with interior design and architecture.

At an early age, he was excited by the beauty of the hyper-realistic drawing of eyes and faces in natural and colorful environments. Fascination with modern buildings and constructions during teenage years led him to become an architect specializing in interior design. The mixture of art –self-taught- and architect and design was a turning point for his career. 

Fonseca has conceived an avant-garde vision: artpiece interaction of the whole, the slightest movement of light interacts with the artpiece, giving birth to new spaces every day.

In dream environments, his art is dynamic movement and its authenticity has led him to constantly exhibit and move between Honduras, Panama City, Miami and LA places where his art has been more than well received and admired by his colleagues and the general public.  In the past he captured the essence of eyes, today he’s catching the eyes of the world.

From the Artist

Art goes through every part of my existence. I see art in all places and all spaces are object of intervention. Painting is dreaming, painting is creating new realities. Architecture is the tool to transform spaces. I truly believe in the future and in the progress of humanity. My passion and interpretation of art in all its forms will be a thoughtful driver to help effect the needed changes.


  • Miami - The Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival, representing Honduras.

  • Panamá - GALA Galeria, Le Arti

  • Honduras -Individual exhibition at Alliance Française, San Pedro Sula

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