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Luisa Stroh
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luisa stroh



Instagram: @isi_carolina


I was born in Germany near Frankfurt am Main on the 6th of November 2000. I’ve graduated in the year 2019 and started studying at the European School of Design in Frankfurt in the same year. 

Art has always been a big part of my life and my desire to share my passion with others is growing day by day.

2020 I got the chance to take a part in an exhibition at the art club Montez in Frankfurt am Main. I hope that this is just the start of my way and art career so I can reach people who share my passion or are interested in art in general.  A few years ago I decided to sell my paintings and also to accept personal commissions. This gives me the opportunity to share a piece of my artwork with you and perhaps also inspire other art lovers.


DeClare Fine Art is so proud to offer these art pieces from Gilda Garza to anyone that wants to purchase them. If you find something that you must have please contact us to discuss pricing and delivery options.

Golden Fist by Luisa Stroh
Country of Origin: Germany
Limited edition of 50.
Fine Art Print of the original painting.
Available Print Sizes: 24x36($350.00) and 40x60($475.00)

Art Description
Rich textures imbue this painting of dripping golden potentials.
Price of the original painting is available upon request.
Certificate of Authenticity is included.