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The daughter of an architect and art teacher, Masha Yankovskaya, was born and educated in St. Petersburg. 


Successfully graduated from the State Academic Art Lyceum.  Johannson at the Academy of Arts, as well as the Academy of Stieglitz (in the past - the famous "Fly") in the specialty "Costume Design", at 22 she launched her own clothing line, for which she drew sketches. 


At 24, she moved to Moscow, settled in the fashion department of Esquire magazine, and held her first solo exhibition at Winzavod. Four years later, she quit in order to finish writing the paintings for the exhibition in Tallinn: “Then I realized that I had everything seriously with art.” At the moment, Masha has already made 6 successful solo exhibitions. 

Pictures of Masha Yankovskaya are in galleries and private collections in Russia and abroad. Now Yankovskaya lives and works in Moscow. 


CSI "Winery", gallery After six, 
Moscow, 4th Syromyatnichesky lane, 1, building 6, 2014

Angle and Oval
Moscow, Bolotnaya Embankment 3/2, 2016 

Identification of a woman
Tallinn Portrait Gallery 
Suur-Karja 2 Tallinn 10140, 2016 

"Anima and Animus"
Nikolskaya Gallery, 
Moscow, st. Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 35, building 7, 2017

"Strong imagination creates an event"
L'appartment 83 
Moscow, Strastnoy Boulevard, 4, Apartment 83, 2017

"Love never ends"
Tallinn Portrait Gallery 
Suur-Karja 2 Tallinn 10140, 2018

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