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Peter is a self-taught, exciting and talented artist and with 50 exhibitions around Sweden and abroad is he one of the top leading artist in Sweden. Several celebrities around the world have noted his art. Bruce Springsteen, Sean Connery, Phil Collins, Danny Trejo and Toni Robbins to name a few.

He has also been seen in FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS, HERALD, NBC, CBS NEWS, Connoisseur Magazine, Artness Contemporary, Art Habens and lots of other news, in articles and interview. 

Peter Eugén's paintings give us the privilege of immersing ourselves in other people's emotional life. And the farther into the portrait painting, Peter comes and for his models, the more his interest in the movement, expression, the small details of the characters is evoked. There he makes personal studies of our contemporary icons. In his expressive art, he picks out the characteristics that we consider to be associated with the individual's personality or attributes. It will be an imaginative reflection of empathy and passion.


Peter Eugén Nilsson was born in 1978 and raised in Sundsvall. Since 2007 he is resident and active in Stockholm. He started his artistry as a natural painter, but after moving to Stockholm, he focused more on the portrait painting. Are nature painters basically and converted to the so-called. Pop Art 2008.

Peter's art is mainly about two important points in inspiration, which always goes apart but at the same time complements each other. city ​​and countryside.

Peter is the artist who constantly realizes his view of strong characters and personalities both in an imaginative and imaginative world, but also in some cases a tough, fair and realistic view, an admiration of how it can be created, but with empathy and self minds, he puts his own style and feelings on the motives. Light.


In 2014 he tested the watercolor painting for the first time and got stuck. He has quickly become one of Sweden's most popular watercolor painters and now Peter combines watercolor painting with the pop art and mixes his art on exhibitions. His watercolors are highly sought after and give a wonderful, dramatic and beautiful feeling of his growing up in the Nordic landscapes.

Waterlily Paintings have become his hallmarks. The paintings are popular in the Swedish auction houses and have been attracted to Sweden's largest auction companies and galleries. 

Past Exhibitions

AFFORDABLE ARTFAIR Stockholm Swe 10/10-13/10 2019

GALLERI NOBEL / Oslo Norway 2018 - 2019


Exhibitions 2019:

EKERUMS KONSTHALL / Öland Swe Påskutställning   2019 

EDSVIK KONSTHALL Jury-Rated Watercolor Salon 27/3-18/4 2019

Kust Konst Konstmässa Hamrånge/Axmar Swe Påskutställning 2019

Galleri Renee / Östersund  Solo Exh .Swe 27/4 - 19/5 2019

Reggisörsvillan / Stockholm Swe   18 -19 Maj 2019

LEUNG GALLERY Shanghai China 2019

Galleri T / Stockholm Solo Exh   Swe 17/5 - 23/5         2019

Galleri Granen / Sundsvall Solo Exh / Swe 1/6 - 16/6 2019

Galleri / kulturstugan Wira Bruk. Österåker 27/7 - 2/8 2019

Galleri Lillhammar / Göteborg Swe Solo exh 23/8 - 4/9 2019

AFFORDABLE ARTFAIR Stockholm Swe 10/10-13/10 2019


Past exhibitions  2018:

Coda Gallery & Museum / Palm Desert California US

HÄGERNÄS STRAND GALLERI / Täby Stockholm Swe 7 - 24/11 2018

AFFORDABLE ART FAIR / Stockholm Swe 11 - 14/10 2018

GALLERI SJÖHÄSTEN / Nyköping Swe 22/9 - 2018

EDSVIK KONSTHALL Art Fair /  Stockholm  Swe30/8 - 2/9 2018

CODA GALLERY & MUSEUM / Palm Desert California US
GALLERI T / Stockholm swe 20/4 - 26/4 

Gallery of music & Arts . Ceasars Palace / Las Vegas US
NORDIC ART GALLERI  Samlingsutställning  swe 23/9 - 7/10 2017
AFFORDABLE ART / Stockholm Nackamässan swe 12-15/10 2017
ULFSUNDA SLOTT/ Stockholm swe 26/8 - 1/11  2017
Hägernäs Strands Galleri / Stockholm swe 5/9 -16/9 2017
NORDIC ART GALLERI Sommarsalong swe 20/5 - 3/7 2017
EDSVIK KONSTHALL Akvarellmässa  swe 30/6 - 2/7 2017
Galleri T / Old Town Stckholm swe 29/4 - 4/5 2017
EDSVIK ART FAIR Edsvik Konsthall. swe 21-23 April 2017
Nordic Art gallery / Stockholm Sweden swe 8-16 April 2017
The Brick Lane Gallery / London / UK   7/2 - 19/2 2017 UK

Modern Art masters. Complex musee du louvre.
carrousel de louvre. / Paris .France
Contempory Art Fair / Montreux Schweiz   9-13 Nov 2016
FoKo Art to go / Stockholm swe  20-30 Okt 2016
Hong Kong . 1st International watercolor Biennale
visual Art centre, Sav Hotel Hong Kong 13-16 Oct 2016
London  UK Affordable Art Fair UK  Oct 2016
Interception Canary Warf LONDON/ UK Sep 2016
London UK. Solo Show / 9th Nov 2016 The Gallery On the Corner. Battersea park. UK
Conseption Art Show / 52 Walker Street / Lounge M 1-5 Tribeca / New York  US 18 aug
Rome, Italy. Galleria La Pigna Art Fair 7-22/7 2016
11:e juni - 28:e Aug 2016 (Akvareller) swe
Gallery on the corner. Battersea Park. London UK . 6-21/5 2016
Nordic Art Sommarutställning/ Stockholm swe juni - Juli 2016
Konst / Antikmässan STOCKHOLM  / ÄLVSJÖ
18-21 Feb 2016 swe

SO Gallery Stockholm ( kungsträdgården) Stockholm  swe
Deeloopart Fair. Konstmässa Göteborg swe
Konstmässan Helsingborg swe
Galleri Melefors / Linköping swe
Konst & Antikmässan  - STOCKHOLM  swe

Galleri Melefors - Linköping swe
Melody Hotel / ABBA Museét / Djurgården - Stockholm swe
STORY HOTEL / Stockholm swe
Scandic Emporio / Hamburg Tyskland " Sold Out" Germany

Lazardius - London UK
Restaurang Prinsen/Brut Bar -Stockholm swe
Scandic Anglais " People Are People"  swe
Bauer Stockholm " don´t try this at home" swe
Mosebacke/Södra teatern  Stockholm " i am just nobody" swe


DeClare Fine Art is so proud to offer these art pieces from Peter Eugén to anyone that wants to purchase them. If you find something that you must have please contact us to discuss pricing and delivery options.

Amy Winehouse by Peter Eugen Nilsson
Country of Origin: Sweden
Limited edition of 30.
Fine Art Print of the original painting.
Available Print Sizes: 24x36($350.00 and 40x60($475.00)

Art Description
Amy Winehouse in her vulnerable self during her fast rise to stardom.
Price of the original painting is available upon request.
Certificate of Authenticity is included.