Art has always been a part of Peter's being. There were no defining or pivotal moments which determined the course of his life. His need to paint has always been as vital as breathing and eating; providing necessary fuel for the mind and soul.

His passion for people was reinforced through years of travel after graduating from Textile Design School in Belgium. Peter uses his unique style to capture emotion, mood and feeling through pallet knives and acrylic paint on large scale canvas. 

Peter's discipline approach to his art is reflective of the same dedication needed for his other passion as a triathete and his core belief that life is beautiful.

Past Exhibitions
Colores de Yucatan | Senado, Mexico City 2017
Fearlessly Authentic | Bruges, Belgium 2017
Todos tenemos historias | Merida, Mexico  
Art Monaco 2015
ArtExpo New York 2015
Spectrum Art Miami 2014
Kayapo Guardians of the Rain Forest Toronto 2014
Shared Interest New York 2014
Coming Home/Solo Show Belgium 2014
Brussels Art Fair 2013
Gallery de Kunstkeuken Netherlands 2012
Faces of the Universe Mexico 2012


Diario de Yucatan 2016 
Al Hayat, U.A.E. 2014
Het laatste nieuws Belgium 2014
De streekkrant Belgium 2014
De weekbode Belgium 2012-2014
Beyond the Route Magazine 2013
ARQROO Arquitectura de Quintana Roo 2012

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