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Be Always Beginning in New New Ways

DeClare Fine Art has been rebooting in many different ways in the last month.

With the current changes in the art world and business in general, it is necessary to adopt new ways of doing business and new processes.

This month on November 21st with the opening of the Club 27 exhibit in Las Vegas, we focus on the current mental health crisis caused and exasperated by the the co vid 19 crisis.

All around the world artists and photographers have been grappling with the crisis and dealing with the underlying mental health problems triggered by this global crisis and the sporadic uncertainty of temporary lockdowns which leave us all feeling isolated and forgotten.

Come join us November 21 at @alphavoyage in Las Vegas for a night of art and mental health discussion. Get More details here:

See our segment on ABC to understand our hope for this event.

De Clare Fine Art thanks you.

This event brings hope to a situation that seems uncertain, we need certain accomplishments to feel productive.


DeClare Fine Art has also been traveling to Beverly Hills, California in November to support and do media on and launch a new platform, LABA. The Los Angeles Beverly Arts festival, which will see painters and photographers from all around the world come to do competition and to be part of the artistic community of Beverly Hills.

The need for a global organization which allows artists to show their work is essential now more than ever.

We met at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and launched. More to follow on this great initiative, which sees famous artists and business people coming together to support the arts.

Enjoy the pictures showing this global meeting.

And be always beginning, find new ways to promote your vision... Happy Thanksgiving from DeClare Fine Art!

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