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DeClare Fine Artʼs Response to the Covid Crisis August 2020

Opportunity is Limitless:

Since the world has been gripped by this Crisis, DeClare Fine Art has been spending its time re-engineering and re-hauling its website and business approach. In times like these we cannot afford to waste time and become victimized by forces outside of our control.

The current malaise hanging over the art world has definitely seen many artists, gallerists, art fairs becoming highly disillusioned and hope has become dimmer by the day. But the strength of Art and photography to tell a viable story has come true for many too. My photographic friend and client @carlomariphotographer was one such person that during this lockdown event in Milan he took his cameras and spoke to the Italian police and officials and went out onto the streets of Milan during the lockdown and photographed the event which he launched in a new book of his called Carlo Mari “IO MILANO”. Carlo will be traveling to USA hopefully when things open up again.

One other of my artists, Peter Eugen, based out of Sweden did a painting a while back for me for an event I was hosting in Los Angeles based around the singer Amy Winehouse, @peteregengallery , find picture below.

Amy battled most of her life with addiction issues but managed to create amazing art which still stands the test of time. Yes she had problems, yes the times seemed bleak but she kept creating. Will you allow the current challenges that grip the world to overpower your creativity and undermine your worth OR will you like Declare Fine Art and I, Philip de Clare, find a way to re-invent your process?

So how is this to be achieved?

We can talk and set intentions, yes; but we need a process THAT IS RENEWABLE. During this time I realized that your Time and Energy are very valuable. As we watch the TV and become Covid obsessed, listening to all of these directives and new rules, which choke away our civil liberties, we deplete our energy.

"Too much information leads to depletion of the soul”. That’s why Artists know that as they turn the energy inwards to their craft, work productivity and rewards follow…

Today make a sustainable commitment to your new self to look inwards and start to build a new way of handling all of this. Instead of making an agreement with a TV station to improve their ratings, make an agreement with your SELF to improve your life. Declare Fine Art has made this agreement with SELF to move forward and offer the art and photographic world new forms of expression and commitment.

My other artist Peter Terrin from Belgium but based in Mexico has a great work “Don’t Ask for Directions”. Please find picture below. In this piece I found comfort and direction illustrated. It is time we learn to be our own compasses in a changing world…

More to follow.

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My personal Instagram is at @philipdeclare and we have just launched an exclusive Instagram account to showcase and talk about our talent @declarefineart

September plans to be an exciting month with much new content and the launch of a shopping cart. Peace and productivity.

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