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DeClare Fine Art “For your eyes only “

When I first decided to open a fine art consultancy it was in the middle of very hard times as Charles Dickens would say. Lost in a sea of turmoil I felt alone and without a compass. But as I focused and worked very long hours well into the night it all began to take shape and all of those latent forces fell away.

Pursue your goals kept ringing in my ears.

Not ideal dreams and hopeful wishes but assertive action in the direction of your goals.

Many people put down creatives. I have no time for this as they are people I want to surround myself with and fight for in my life. But creativity is for your eyes only and then there comes a stage when you must let it go and share it with the world.

Creatives need support and direction but they still share a flame that also business people siphon from, the flame of creativity. From Los Angeles, Milan, Moscow, Dublin, Stockholm and all over this flame changes people’s lives.

As Peter Gabriel says in his song , “Solsbury Hill”

“I walked right out of the machinery".

Whatever is holding you back in your life, internal or external it is up to you to act now .

Creativity is “for your eyes only", the question is what will you do with it?

I made a decision to open my consultancy and unseen forces came to my side to help in my goals.

If your creativity remains “for your eyes only" you will deny many your magnificence. Stop and consider how you can make moves today to change the direction of your life.

For inquiries regarding art sales, exhibitions, sponsorships or art commissions as well as keynote speaking opportunities please contact DeClare Fine Art.



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