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DeClare Fine Art predicts a new epidemic is coming to the United States

DeClare Fine Art

All across The United States many health care professionals and various independently owned news networks have been sounding the alarm that the new epidemic set to surface in 2021 is depression and suicide.

Artists, photographers and people of a creative nature need human interaction and need feedback from their fellow creatives.

These draconian measures introduced world wide and in the United States to wear masks, social distance, and to induce separation between people have led to many people starting to lose the essentiality of the human condition. One health care professional that I was reading recently said something quite illuminating, that for mental health problems to take seed and to flourish you must have certain conditions in place.

These conditions predominantly being isolation and enforced separation between people and the social doctrine of non interaction are laying the seeds of mental illness. All across the United States we are seeing the youth of America becoming hopeless, feeling a sense of desolation and lack of any ostensible way out of this situation.

So how are we, as proactive members of the Art world and society, to react or act to this pending desolation?

I want to suggest we act or do something instead of sitting around and listening to this malignancy of panic, fear and negativity.

Declare Fine Art, in the midst of all of this hopelessness, decided to reach out to local members of the Las Vegas Art community and formed a collaborative partnership with a gallery in Las Vegas. This gallery owner Jeffrey Skalny @alphavoyage, when I interviewed him, agreed with me that we are witnessing the beginning of a global epidemic of systemic depression. Such people in the Art world are needed right now and not the necessity to look cool and be part of some high brow click.

So we must act. But how?

Declare Fine Art acted promptly and organized to have an event to celebrate the members of Club 27. Among those we can list Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Basquiat and many more heroes of creativity. In spite of their own looming mental health issues, they never failed act and create . This event will take place in Las Vegas in November when all the correct pieces are in place.

A local charity, which brings instruments to children in schools, will appear and support us at our local event. They help kids who don’t have access to music. is their Instagram account. You can find all information about their great work at

DeClare Fine Art also reached out to Mentor Foundation USA, a fantastic foundation dedicated to working and empowering young people to live healthy and productive lives free of drugs and alcohol. You can find information on their great work at

This organization founded by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden and the World Health Organization @WHO has helped many youth with mentorship and education programs, peer to peer education on facing challenges in this modern world. De Clare Fine Art is appreciative to Michaela who has been in communication to find a way to work together to raise awareness in these very pressurized times for mental health support and mentorship by working in collaboration with Declare Fine Art.

So how can we act and what should we do?

Some of my artists Mirko at @borghinoguitars in Italy, who builds and designs custom made guitars, dedicated one of his signature marble guitars for this Club 27 event in Las Vegas. Lisa Barrett Brown, a local artist who works for DJAshba @djashba former guitarist of Guns n Roses, dedicated her signature designed guitar of Indio Downey, son of Robert Downey Junior, to this event. Find pictures of this guitar below that Lisa populated with crystals from another local based artist @vlfinecrystals.

The bottom line is yes, Depression is coming as an epidemic to the United States but we can Act and we can do things that support and help people... All it takes is individuals like you and I and great organizations that see what is happening and do not go into denial but instead act and facilitate support. Anyone who knows me and DeClare Fine Art knows that alleged big celebrity does not impress me; instead decent well meaning artists, photographers, organizations, collectors who believe in supporting and raising awareness, these are the true heroes of society. How about we have an epidemic of hope? Let us ponder deeply on that. I, for one, want to express my appreciation to all of the people and organizations above.

Thank you!

More Coming Soon…

Check out our event in Las Vegas, click here.

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