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The Art is in the Completion

In life, we face many divergent elements and many obstacles.

It is important not to get bogged down in the noise we are surrounded by.

Artists, galleries, collectors, navigated this Pandemic in many very heroic ways.

As an art dealer, advisor and innovator, you have to find ways to make yourself more accessible and more relevant.

Usually, you will hear the familiar question from people after doing an art show: “How many pieces did you sell?”, “How many collectors came?” and “How did the artists fair?”

Well, these questions are relevant but I consider them only novice type questions not the questions of a true art professional. Let’s change the narrative a bit, please.

To be an expert at anything in life, you have to be fully committed to what you are doing. It is not about earning copious amounts of money and being famous. It is about completing something that you are truly fully committed to and believing in the cause.

This event in Las Vegas, which focused on the 27 Club, was one such event that allowed me to help illuminate the rising dangers of mental health challenges caused universally by the current 2020 pandemic.

So without sounding too brash, if we talk and you tell me that you want to be a famous and rich artist or a renowned world collector, you must decide what you truly stand for and what you are committed to.

DeClare Fine Art is a company that decided early on to help and embrace this world in its own small way.

All of the great people that came from New York, Pennsylvania, Los Angeles, and Aspen, to support me in this cause are all part of this completion.

The art is truly in the completion. So, yes, you may have great intentions but if you are in my art world you must complete projects and push forward.

2020 closes out with the completion of this show that centered around illuminating the pending crisis many are facing and somehow offering hope to the silent voices of despair.

So instead of asking how much money was made, a more relevant question may be “Did you do something worthwhile for the art world in your own way that raised awareness and offered something meaningful to the world that is facing many challenges currently?”.

My sincere thanks to all that participated. Please enjoy these pictures.

Hard work is its own reward. 2021 will see me pouring a huge amount of effort into LABA, a truly amazing new global platform for artists all over the world.

Art needs to see progress. So, however small, find something to complete.

Let’s change the Art narrative from money focus to meaningful projects that illuminate and elevate.

Here’s to 2021!

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